JIT compiler and .NET framework for GPU programming in C#

Based on the ECMA standards for CLI and C#, Campy is an open-source JIT compiler and a small base class layer that enables GPGPU programming for NET Framework and NET Core applications. It is targeted for Windows 10 64-bit OS, CUDA GPU Toolkit 9.1.85, Net Core 2.0, Net Framework >= 4.6.1, Net Standard 2.0. Campy offers a unique blend of features: a small API that allows for clear implementations to be developed, easy integration into your app via Nuget. There are no dependencies on installing Visual Studio, or CUDA compiler. Full deployment of your app is achieved via Net Core 2.0.


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  • Use Campy to execute C# on a GPU;
  • Develop fully functional and easy-to-understand parallel algorithms;
  • Learn the internals of the compiler and runtime.

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Contributions to this open source project are appreciated. Improve the compiler and API. File bug reports. Document new parallel algorithms.