Campy Releases

Current — always available at


  • Fixes line-oriented debugging in Nsight of kernel (lambda) code.
  • Fixes Net Core target. Use “dotnet publish -r win10-x64” to build your app.
  • Fixes object allocation to use GPU BCL.
  • See for additional information.


  • Implement line debugging of kernel code (4c15bda). Note, you must use the “Start CUDA debugging (legacy)” menu command of the NVIDIA Nsight debugger version 5.5. Note, I cannot get the “Next Gen” debugger to work on any program. To debug, follow the instructions for Nsight. Make sure to set a breakpoint in your C# kernel code.
  • Fixing 2D arrays (1284d27).
  • Fix “ceq” instruction code generation (75b990d). In certain situations, the compiler would generate incorrect code.


  • Implemented “ref” parameters for methods (bb4062f)
  • Corrected the semantics of Campy.Sequential.For() (9f14e66)
  • Fixed GCHandle.Free() of an uninitialized handle (fba9328)
  • Fixed API for memory management (4ede1e1 and others)
  • Added several examples for sorting to the unit tests (CombBitonicEven/Odd)

v0.0.5 (replaces v0.0.3 and 4)

  • Basic GC
  • Reference types
  • Value types


  • Requirements: Windows 10; Visual Studio 2017 with C#
  • Download from NuGet
  • Within the Project Properties, the application must have “Prefer 32-bit” unchecked, “Allow unsafe code” checked, and use NET Framework 4.7.
  • Added compilation of simple generics and classes. May crash readily.
  • Problems in memory management and recompilation (speed) outstanding.
  • Release for demonstration purposes only.
  • Debug version only.


  • Requirements: Windows 10; Visual Studio 2017 with C#
  • Download from NuGet
  • Application must target “Prefer 32-bit” unchecked, Allow unsafe code checked, NET Framework 4.7.

v0.01.0000 Samples

  • Requirements: Campy.NET (and its requirements).
  • Showcases Campy.NET v0.01.0000 with seven different examples.


  • Requirements: Windows 8 or 10; Visual Studio Express, Pro, or Ultimate, 2013
  • Build type: debug
  • Supported: Accelerator, Accelerator_View, Array, Array_View, Atomic_Fetch_Add, Copy, Extent, Index, Parallel_For_Each, Tile_Barrier, Tiled_Extent, Tiled_Index, Tile_Static. 1D arrays of integers only.


2 thoughts on “Releases”

    • The old releases do not support jagged arrays. However, with the new LLVM PTX (NVIDIA GPUs) backend that I am still writing, it should. It may require some changes to the API, or a C# library that implements it that is compiled for the GPU. I do not know when the new backend will be available, but I expect several months more work.

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