CampyNET reboot…

Hi Folks,

After a long break, I’ve restarted development of CampyNET! I have been porting over the code to Visual Studio 2015. And, I will also port it to Visual Studio 2017 when VS 2017 is released in next month!

First of all, all the code now lives on I decided to move it to Github because that is the most popular Git website.

Second, there are a number of problems with the code with VS 2015 that I’ve fixed, but there are more to correct before I make a new release of the API. While making the port, I realized that much of the code in CampyNET for SSA was broken. I’ve fixed much of this. When you run CampyNET, there is some code that scans your environment for the C++ compiler and runtime libraries. That code is extremely fragile. ┬áCampyNET also requires Uncrustify ( to format output C++ AMP kernel code; it really shouldn’t be a requirement.

Third, the distribution of CampyNET must be fixed. Up to now, CampyNET was distributed via a downloadable EXE file which you would run on your system. This is ridiculous! Instead, the package should be distributed via NuGet.

These problems need to be fixed before I make another release of the API sometime in the next month.

If you have questions, please send them directly to ken.domino <AT-SIGN>

Ken Domino