Campy reboot…

Hi Folks,

After a long break, I’ve restarted development of Campy. I have been porting over the code to Visual Studio 2015. And, I will also port it to Visual Studio 2017 when VS 2017 is released in next month.

First of all, all the code now lives on I decided to move it to Github because that is the most popular Git website.

Second, there are a number of problems with the code with VS 2015 that I’ve fixed, but there are more to correct before I make a new release of the API. While making the port, I realized that much of the code in Campy for SSA was broken, and now somewhat fixed, but much more to do. Campy currently requires Uncrustify ( to format output C++ AMP kernel code; it really shouldn’t be a requirement. In fact, it shouldn’t even convert C# to C++ AMP code in the first place.

Third, the distribution of Campy must be fixed. Up to now, Campy was distributed via a downloadable EXE file which you would run on your system. This is ridiculous. Instead, the package will be distributed via NuGet.

These problems need to be fixed before I make another release of the API sometime in the next month.

If you have questions, please send them directly to ken.domino <AT-SIGN>

Ken Domino