Release 0.0.6

Release 0.0.6 of Campy improves on the correctness and stability.

  • Implemented “ref” parameters for methods (bb4062f)
  • Corrected the semantics of Campy.Sequential.For() (9f14e66)
  • Fixed GCHandle.Free() of an uninitialized handle (fba9328)
  • Fixed API for memory management (4ede1e1 and others)
  • Added several examples for sorting to the unit tests (Comb, Bitonic, Even/Odd)

The release is in You will need VS2017 15.4.5 and CUDA GPU Toolkit 9.1.45 installed on Windows.


Release 0.0.5

I have just released a new version of Campy. This version incorporates the new GPU Base Class Layer, value and reference types. It does not handle generics, as in my reorganization, I broke that feature; It does not handle ref parameters. To try out Campy, you must use Visual Studio 2017 15.4, an NVIDIA Maxwell or newer GPU, and CUDA GPU Toolkit 9.1.85. I do not check these in code, so please make sure you have the prerequisites. Create a NET Core 2.0 application and add Campy from For examples of Campy, see the Campy tests directory, such as Reduction. Undoubtedly, there are bugs and it is somewhat slow due to JIT compilation at the time of the Parallel.For() call. You can improve the JIT speed if you “warm-up” the GPU using the kernel code first since the JIT object code is cached for subsequent calls. –Ken Domino