Campy.NET – An API for GPGPU Computing for C#

Welcome to Campy.NET! Campy.NET is a library for enabling general purpose GPU computing within the Microsoft Common Language Infrastructure, such as C#. Campy.NET is a API similar to Microsoft’s C++ AMP. The API converts your methods and delegates into kernels via a JIT compiler, which can then be run on a GPU. The source is free and open source.

Campy.NET is written in C#, C++ CLI, and C++ native code, and uses .NET Reflection, ILSpy/Mono.Cecil, Uncrustify, and Microsoft Visual C++, C++ AMP. Unlike CUDA, OpenCL, CUDA.NET, Cudafy, and other solutions for GPGPU programming, users write their programs naturally, without requiring the kernel being defined separately from the calling context, using an anonymous lambda delegate in a AMP.Parallel_For_Each call. When Parallel_For_Each is executed, Campy converts the anonymous lambda delegate into C++ AMP source code, compiles the code, loads the generated DLL, then executes the kernel, performing all the required parameter passing to C++ AMP. Campy retains the generated DLL for future calls to the Parallel_For_Each lambda, regenerating the DLL if it is out of date with respect to the executable program.

Campy.NET is available at It is in the preliminary stages of development, and has no documentation. If you would like to help out, please let us know by contacting the administrator for the project at To keep up to date, sign up for the newsletter.

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