New release, same ol’ same ol’

I have been trying a few things, and unfortunately, Campy crashes and burns in some cases due to CCTOR initialization order. E.g.,

Executing cctor System.Void System.Console::.cctor()
Executing cctor System.Void System.Environment::.cctor()
Executing cctor System.Void System.String::.cctor()
Executing cctor System.Void System.NumberFormatter::.cctor()
Executing cctor System.Void System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo::.cctor()
Executing cctor System.Void System.NumberFormatter/NumberStore::.cctor()
Executing cctor System.Void System.Globalization.CultureInfo::.cctor()

To check, you can set a compiler option to turn on tracing of the CCTOR calls calling¬†Campy.Utils.Options.Set(“trace-cctors”); right before calling Campy.Parallel.For(). If it doesn’t say¬†“Done with cctors”, you can probably be sure that’s the problem. Anyways, I fixed that problem by reordering the calls. I then found out that despite my best efforts in generics, the compiler messes up on generics (in List.cs). In this code, it creates an array with the wrong element type:

public List(int capacity) {
	if (capacity < 0) {
		throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("capacity");
	this.items = new T[capacity];
	this.size = 0;

I know the fix, but I just won’t be able to address it for a couple weeks–going on vaca. But, I checked in some code changes that improve on the compiler generated names of methods.

Enjoy. –Ken

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