NVIDIA GPU support

An important note…

Since 2006, NVIDIA has named their GPU microarchitectures after various scientists and inventors throughout history: Tesla (gpu, person), Fermi (gpu, person), Kepler (gpu, person), Maxwell (gpu, person), Pascal (gpu, person), and Volta (gpu, person). My laptop for instance has a Geforce GT 635M, which has compute capability of sm_21. I assumed that that was a Kepler. But, it turns out that was wrong. It’s actually a Fermi.

Unfortunately, you really cannot believe what you read sometimes (GPUBoss, accessed May 28, 2018), which led to my confusion:

“These chips are still based on Kepler (600-series), but feature more CUDA cores, more memory, a wider memory bus, and faster clockspeeds. by Tim-Verry (Jun, 2013)

“The range is powered by Kepler from bottom to top and brings great performance to mobile platforms. by Trace-Hagan (May, 2013)

Techpowerup.com seems to have the correct information listed.

Campy’s runtime is based on DotNetAnywhere. During the port, it was apparent that my old GPUs weren’t going to work because Campy needed to be compiled with “compute_30,sm_30”.  sm_30 is Kepler, not Maxwell. So, any architecture that is sm_30 or newer, Campy will be able to run on.

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